Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Looking Into April

I am now going to be watching out for available vaccines in my area now that it is opening up to ages 50+ in California starting April 1. Tomorrow. I'm eager to get this done. My peer mentor job didn't count as an essential worker, according to the pharmacist at Safeway since it's not a licensed job. Two cousins who have restaurant jobs and my mom have already gotten their first doses. I'm now ready to get mine when I can. They all got the Pfizer, which people claim has the fewest side effects. If I can get it, I want this one too. Who has has the Moderna one? I'm not too sure about that one. My boss is trying to see if the mentors can get vaccinated at the public health, which only has the Moderna one. No word on this as of yet.  Getting anxiety over all this. 

I have begun drafting my first A to Z post for tomorrow. I'm eager to see how this goes for me and to see what others come up with as well, and to see how many comments I get. I will give as many as I can to others participating, which is a lot! Trying to decide how many blogs to view each day. Don't know how much extra blogging I will be doing on Sundays when the A to Z is on break Except my monthly reading bingo post. I'll still be doing all that stuff and have been looking for books for the prompts I have for April.

And one last thing coming up next month. We will be doing the art project I had planned for work more than year ago before we were forced to shut down for two months. Details here and here. It'll be fun to see what others computer up with for this.


  1. Hari OM
    May I direct you to my post with video which hightlights the fact that all vaccines are equal and how the 'efficacy' is calculated - and isn't a guide to actual effectiveness. As to side effects - the all have them and it is more to do with your age and general immunity levels as to how much of an effect they have...(Just so you are aware, I am a retired medic...)

    I have selected a dozen or so blogs to follow - it's the only way to cope. Check as many out as you can to begin with, but be very selective. I go for quality, interactive commenting. No flyby Hi and here's my address stuff. My "A" posts are all up - find the one which suits your mood! YAM xx

  2. Good luck with the vaccine - and with A-Z.