Saturday, April 10, 2021

I: Introvert, Internet, Indoors, iPad


#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter I

Introvert,  Internet, Indoors, iPad

As an introvert, I'm already used to staying home most of the time. But introverts  are not necessarily thriving during quarantine, according to this link. Even I have the need to be out, though just prior to the pandemic, I was getting out less and less.

Not exactly proud of this being so, but it did prepare me somewhat for having to stay home. 

I still missed being at the center, and when we began reopening in June, I was glad. This was my way of being with others that I have known for some time now. 

Is this cartoon how you felt as an introvert or extrovert? I kept envisioning myself sitting down to write, but did not do as much as I had hoped. And again, there were times I did not want to be home. 

As an introvert, I tend to be online quite a lot, and being at home all day didn't change that. It may have increased it a little, but not as much as I could tell. I got to wondering how hard lockdown has been on extroverts. My aunt who passed in 2008, was an extrovert, and I cannot imagine how she would be handling the world today. She was well into the online thing and would have been into the latest thing in no time at all.  

Buying stuff online (more on this to come) has increased for me somewhat during this time. And I seem to watch more Youtube videos (also a post for later). And I'm always checking Facebook, my blog and Twitter, with Facebook most of the time. Indeed, Covid has led to an increased use of digital technology, what with kids having to do remote learning and some people having to work from home (neither of which I have to worry about). Despite being an introvert, I never liked the idea of working from home, and have never done such. And I still cannot imagine what would have happened if this virus had struck when I was still in school, in the pre-Internet era.

I have always been an indoor person, but have taken time to sit outside (more to come). So being at home has some advantages. and most of the time I have been in my room on the computer. As I said earlier, I began reading e-books once lockdown began, one of the things that lead to my increased use of the Internet during Covid. 

My mom, meanwhile, had not had a computer for sometime now and needed to do her state board taxes (for the antiques she sells in a nearby shop) online beginning this year. As a result, my cousin's son lent her his iPad which she has been using since. She did not get onto on Facebook until last summer, and many of her old friends were glad to see her there. 

I have borrowed the iPad a few times to read some digital books, either taking it outside to read (as I have done with paper books) or sitting somewhere in the house other than by my computer. It's another thing I have browsed on Amazon (though not a lot recently). With that or something similar that I can use for reading e-books and listening to audiobooks from the digital libraries. Though like a lot of things lately, this has not been a high priority, and like lawn chairs and car covers, there are so many different ones to choose from, which make deciding all the more difficult. Even though it would be quite fun to have. And there's still my preference for physical books.


Concluding for today. See you again on Monday with the Letter J.


  1. I can relate to some of these things. I've been online more often now but I'm not at facebook or other social media - I try to stay away from those - too much clutter there.

    I don't necessary agreed that introverts are more comfortable indoors, I think, they are just better at being calm indoors or so I believe.

    Have a lovely day.

    My A-Z posts are here.

  2. Hari OM
    I am definitely more intro than extravert... and have tended always to the solitary way of life. However, I agree, being that way by choice, verses the incumbence imposed by COVID lockdown is quite a different thing! Even the sitting inside with a book or computer is a choice - COVID feels as if it has removed choice from the equation. YAM xx

  3. For sure Internet was a great alternative to meet friends, family, and colleagues. I agree with Lissa, introverts may be able to stay longer and calmer inside.

  4. I am definitely an introvert, but I am happy outside (without crowds).
    I really don't play social media. Blogging is as close as I get.

  5. I'm an introvert and I'm happy with either a Kindle or a paperback:)
    Enjoy your Sunday, Jamie:)

  6. Introvert that I am, I adjusted to lockdown by temporarily placing grocery delivery orders and grudgingly learning to use Zoom for my writers group and book club meetings. Ebooks are my go-to method of reading, researching, monitoring the news, and checking social media sites.