Monday, May 3, 2021

Blogging A to Z: Reflection Post


Reflections 2021 #atozchallenge

This week, participants in last month's Blogging A to Z are doing reflections posts. 

This was my first-ever participation in the A to Z Blogging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In the past, I had seen others doing A to Z and wondered if I could handle doing it myself. Most of the time, I thought not, would I be able to do a post every day for every letter of the alphabet? Especially, considering how some letters can be tricky, like Q, X, and Z. And trying to find a theme, though themes are not necessary. I had been planning to write posts reflecting on the pandemic a year later, then decided this was perfect for the A to Z. I was hesitant at first, but kept envisioning a post idea for each letter, then jotting down the ideas in a  notebook. Unable to narrow each letter down to a single topic, I chose to do several under topics each one. It was amazing how topics many I could find for each alphabetical post. This was a big decision for me, as I said in my theme reveal post in March. 

I was glad to have Sundays off, as this gave me more time to prepare for the following Monday's posts. Each post I drafted a day (or two, in the case of Mondays) ahead of time. It did not take as long to make my posts as I may have thought years ago when watching others doing the A to Z. I still think it was funny how someone one year actually thought I was doing the A to Z, since my post one day in April 2018 coincidentally started with F on the day that letter's posts went up. Also in 2016, I wrote that I had A to Z envy. Not thinking I'd have the time or the energy is what kept me from trying in the past. Yet, look at what happened this year. I'm not certain about returning next year, but will be thinking about it.

Visiting other blogs and leaving comments was part of the A to Z. A few other blogs used the same theme as I did. I also saw some crafting themes, which made me want to try some of the stuff presented.  And some themes were eon writing, something I was glad to see. I was glad for the comments others left on my blog posts. And I left plenty of comments on others' blogs as well. There were so many blogs participating that it was hard to just choose some to visit.  I was also glad for the comments made by those who regularly read my blog. I even commented on A to Z posts in years past.

All in all, a fun and different experience.


  1. Thank you for coming by Jamie, I know I got to you once or twice.
    I'm pleased you did the challenge, I missed last year but have done all the rest. In fact I was the first to sign up ever on the FIRST A to Z Challenge.
    I did enjoy it this year as I wanted to prove that I could write every day...... of late I haven't.
    Take care.

  2. Yeah for your first challenge! 🥂 🥇 You did great, and thank you for your visits on my blog 🤗

  3. I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself - and finished the challenge which many do not.

  4. I didn't realize this your first a-z. You seems like a pro.

    I fell behind on commenting but I did find it's easier to read and only leave comments when I wanted to instead of forcing myself to say something lame or repetitive.

    Congrats on finishing.

    Have a lovely day.

  5. Well done with the Challenge and reflection post. Didn't realize that this was your first time. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Hari OM
    Jamie, I had to come looking because I just realised I hadn't seen a post from you since "Y"... then discovered that in a recent update, somehow the link to your blog had dropped out !@!*@!*$#*%*#(( Sorted and I am back.

    Well done on completion of the challenge - I had no idea this was your first attempt - you aced it! I look forward to your regular posting now. YAM xx

  7. Congrats on completing your first A to Z challenge. It is such a great way to connect with other bloggers. I really enjoy it. I hope you had fun too!Weekends In Maine

  8. Congratulations on completing your first AtoZ Challenge, Jamie! The first time is the hardest.

    That is funny that some of your other posts were taken as AtoZ post. One interesting statistic I came across on my site was that a blog post from June of 2014 received 338 views in April 2021, no idea why.

  9. Congrats on completing the competition. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    The one time I took part in it, I blogged on cats:)