Saturday, May 8, 2021

Recent Art Projects

Finally got around to the art project I had hoped to do at the center in March of 2020, before the shutdown occurred. It was a whole in year in the gaming. Here is the one I had done at the center the Friday prior to the shutdown. I had left it at the center before the shutdown was announced:

And while cooped up at home, I worked on some then. Click here to see more and to see the origin of the idea.

And the ones I did in class:

I was only able to get a few pictures of those done by others. One person did several (with some not pictured):

The artist who had done this idea originally hand-drawn his models, but I'm not that great at drawing figures, so I used magazine pictures or pictures from the Internet as models. The other who did this did the same. The artist used many different material for his works, including food! I knew that would not be allowed in class, except for uncooked pasta (which hardly anyone used). Remember using uncooked pasta for grade-school art?

I wasn't sure what to call this project, but at least those who participated got the idea. 


  1. Hari OM
    Ooh I say - I rather like your lady with the newspaper dress! And the one below her with the wee beads... this is a rather creative way to get one's eye into design! Well done all. YAM xx

  2. What a fun project - with some amazing results.