Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Chapter Break Bingo – August 2021

 Here is the card for August.

August Bookish Bingo

My Books:

  1. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden--Joanne Greenberg (4 squares): Shelf Love, Physical Book, Not in a Series, Trigger Warnings
  2. The End of Your Life Book Club--Will Schwalbe (3 squares): Book Club Read, Family Tragedy, Death/Dying
  3. Moldilocks and the Three Scares--Lynne Marie (2 squares): E-Book, Zombies
  4. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit--Jeanette Winterson (4 squares): Debut Novel, Diverse Character or Author, Origin Story, Free Space
  5. Shades of Earl Grey--Laura Childs (3 squares): In a Series, Lawyer, A Favorite Author
  6. A Big Day for Baseball--Mary Pope Osborne (2 squares): Audiobook, Sports Team
  7. Wings--Cheryl B. Klein (1 square): Wings on the Cover
  8. The Four Winds--Kristin Hannah (3 squares): Library Book, Long-Over 400 Pages, Insta Love
  9. The Premonition--Michael Lewis (1 square): Pandemic
  10. 21st Birthday--James Patterson (1 square): Ocean
  11. Kyle's Little Sister--BonHyung Jeong (1 square): Free Book
25 squares completed on August 21


  1. I loved I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - and must read it again soon. Happy reading.

  2. Haven't read a physical book in ages; am surrounded by them but only read on my kindle these days. You're well on your way to Bingo!