Saturday, September 11, 2021

20 Years Later

I still can't believe it's been 20 years since 9/11. I can still remember what I was doing that day when I got the news. From past blogposts remembering the anniversary of 9/11:

One chapter in my memoir is titled "Tragedy in 2001," telling what I was doing in the months and days just before the attacks.  Here is a synopsis.  I was working at a restaurant under a new boss who began that summer after the previous owners sold the place.  The new boss was indeed a horrible boss, yelling at everyone, including his wife and their son. Work was now more like a prison camp, and it just got worse as the summer went on. Fortunately, I was able to get off for two different cousins's weddings, one in July and one in September. I ended up getting fired just before the second wedding; the horrible last day was the Sunday before Labor Day 2001. In the days that followed, I went looking for another job, to see movies and then to the wedding, which was just three days before the bombings. 

On the day of the bombings, after trying to keep up with the news on TV, I needed to be out and was I ever glad I made that decision. I saw that the Dollar Tree was opening in my town, so I went by to pick up an application and was immediately hired.

 Let's not forget that day.


  1. Gosh! That was something that turned out well for you. I wish we had a Dollar Tree in Hawaii.

  2. It was a horrible day for America indeed. Who'd've thought then, that the terrorism we face now is from within?

  3. Take special care and enjoy your weekend;)

  4. My memories are of a gazillion airplanes hovering over the Chicago lakefront where I lived. When I got home from being evacuated at work I was told I couldn't go up to my condo as the building was being evacuated. When all the planes were finally landed I went upstairs to my unit and passed out until 5 pm. Wish I could forget.