Sunday, September 5, 2021

Toilet Paper & Coins

Just the other day I heard on TV that toilet paper hoarding was staring again. It was enough to make me panic and bring back memories of the beginning of the pandemic a year-and-a-half ago. I began picturing in my mind the empty shelves like these:

But today at the store, there was plenty of TP to be found. I snagged one 12-pack of the Safeway brand. I'd heard on the news that Costco (which I don't go to) was limiting the number of toilet paper packs customers could buy at a time. Even with the anxiety brought on by the announcement, I did not feel a need to hoard packs of toilet paper. The one currently at home has not yet run out, but I still felt a need to get one today. 

And another thing that occurred last year seems to be happening again--coin shortages. At least that's what signs at some stores are saying. I got a pizza yesterday at Little Caesars and did not have enough coins to give along with the $20 I gave. But the cashier was able to give the right change. And I used debit for the non-food items I got at Safeway today, not even thinking about the possible coin shortage.  

So far, neither of these has been trouble for me. But I now fear it may be, with everything these days seeming repetitive. ...


Kay said...

We have a bidet so we don’t run out of toilet paper very quickly, thank goodness. I wonder if there will be shortages in anything else though.

Elephant's Child said...

At intervals there are runs (no pun intended) on TP here. We are limited at the moment in just how much we can buy. Some cleaning agents are also limited.