Thursday, September 30, 2021

October Eve 2021

Already the end of September! Today's weather is in the 80s and the same is expected for tomorrow. Just when I thought it was the to retire the shorts for the year, it starts t get hot again. And I needed new jeans, so I went and got some at the outlet stores in Gilroy, CA. I've only worn one of my new pairs so far.

With this year's holiday season looking to be a repeat of last year's grim season, I am once again uncertain about dressing for Halloween, but may redo another costume this year if I choose to. In the past, I never redid costumes, but the current circumstances made me think otherwise. I'm hoping for at least a small celebration at work again this year. I began decorating the yard with the same stuff as last year, except the tape and the fake cobwebs. I went looking for extra decorations today, but have not found many. Still have yet to look at Target. Will keep you posted if I get more.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope you can have a small celebration at work.

Sandra Cox said...

Can't wait to see what costume you decide on.

Guillaume said...

Halloween preparations start as early as August for me. Often earlier. I started reading horror stories in June this year.