Friday, September 3, 2021

Chapter Break Bingo – September 2021

 Here is the card for September.

My Books:

  1. Dinosaurs Before Dark--Mary Pope Osborne (1 square): Audiobook
  2. Bird Summons-Leila Aboulela (3 squares): E-Book, New-to-You Author, Not in a Series
  3. The Country Guesthouse--Robyn Carr (4 squares): Shelf Love, Physical Book, In a Series, Book Club Read, Weather on the Cover
  4. How to Be a Pirate--Cressida Cowell (9 squares): Pirates, Library Book, Ship/Boat on the Cover, Demon, Short (Under 300 Pages), Travel/Journey, Enemies/Frenemies, Disguise, Beard/Piercing/Tattoo
  5. Circe--Madeline Miller (2 squares): Single-Word Title, Historic Setting
  6. Invincible Louisa--Cornelia Meigs (2 squares): Woman on the Cover, Free Space
  7. TTFN--Lauren Myracle (2 squares): Set in a School, Love Triangle
  8. Ace of Spades--Faridah Abike-Iyimide (1 square): Free Book
25 squares completed on September 21


Elephant's Child said...

Have fun.

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

We always play book bingo at the Library. Everyone has so much fun.

Lady M said...

Well let me know if any of these are worthwhile reads. In fact, since you read so much, how about a recommendation blog of the top 5 books you've read lately? I am always looking for suggestions.