Monday, October 18, 2021

Costume Decision

I was uncertain once again about dressing this Halloween, but found myself looking at Renaissance dresses. I'd even looked up how to do one myself. I found a navy blue graduation gown at Goodwill that i hoped to transform into a Renaissance-like dress, but just could not think of how I could do so. So I knew I'd have to buy one. 

I was considering going last Tuesday to the nearest Spirit or Party City to look for something. If I did not find anything Renaissance, I would hope to find something else I liked. But last Monday night before bed, I went onto Amazon and eventually ordered this costume:

Choosing a color was a little hard, as some colors were not available in some sizes. I went with the blue one seen above.

The costume was schedule to arrive last Saturday by 10PM. I'd been waiting all day for it to arrive, but by the time it got dark, I'd nearly forgotten it was supposed to come then. I tracked my package on Amazon, which said it had already arrived. I had not seen or heard any truck come by, so I checked to see if the package was on the porch. Sure enough there it was. I did not get around to trying it on until the following day and it fits perfectly.

Before I'd made this decision, I was considering redoing something else, as I had done last year, but was uncertain of this idea. Then I began looking a different sites for possible ideas. As a result of my searches, this one kept coming up on my Facebook feed, in an ad for Party City:

This looked like a fun one, too, so maybe another year.

Also before making this decision, I'd tried on a used Queen of Hearts dress at Goodwill, but it did not fit well. There's another possibility for another year.

On another note, on the costume racks at Goodwill, a lot of the usual stuff showed up such as the graduation robes and medical scrubs. I got a XXL scrub top to use at as a smock for painting. I also saw what appeared to be the leftover toddler Elvis costumes and Pugsley Addams costumes that were at the local Kmart before it shut down more than year ago. No one seemed to want these when they were new or even when they were 90% off (but who was thinking about Halloween in early February?) Now I wonder if anyone is buying them used.

The Elvis costumes for toddler at Kmart before
its closing in early 2020 that now appear to 
be at Goodwill.

As far as I have seen, none of this leftover
Halloween stuff from Kmart (above and below)
has turned up at Goodwill. No one seemed to want these lizard
 costumes when they were new either.

Also, the Northern California Renaissance Faire ends this weekend, but I'm pretty sure I won't be going. Even if I have the right outfit.


Elephant's Child said...

That is a very jazzy dress.

Lady M said...

Lovely dress - what event are you going to wear this to?