Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Words For Wednesday

It's been a long time since I participated in this weekly meme. 

This week's prompts are common phrases, phrases with a link to food.  Feel free to mix and match - or to add ones of your own.
  1. He had a chip on his shoulder
  2. Best thing since sliced bread
  3. With a cherry on top
  4. She wants to have her cake and eat it too
  5. Everything but the kitchen sink
  6. Bringing home the bacon 

A Very Punny Halloween

While browsing costumes on Amazon, Bob found the King of Hearts Playing Card costume. It was just what he wanted. When it arrived days later, he tried it on and then got an idea. He wanted to get more out of the costume. So he looked for and found his old set of poker chips and hot-glued them to the shoulders of his King of Hearts costume. Chips on your shoulders, he thought.

Bob then wore the costume at work. His coworkers wondered about the poker chips. He in turn, was a bit clueless about some of the others' costumes.

"What's with the poker chips?" coworker Dan asked. 

"Chips on my shoulder," Bob said, pointing to the poker chips. "Get it? I though it would go well with my playing card." He then glanced at Dan's costume, a slice of bread made from cardboard. The center was appointed white, with brown paint on the edge for the bread crust. In the middle was a handwritten since that read  BEST THING SINCE. "Oh, I get yours now," Bob said. "The best thing since sliced bread?"

"You got it," Dan nodded.

Another worker, Tina, was wearing a bacon costume. She had an empty paper grocery bag that was sitting on her desk. "I'm 'Bringing home the bacon'," she said, picking up the grocery bag and holding it in front of her.

"Good one, Tina," said another worker, Kim. "I wish I could come up with something as funny as all of you have." Kim was wearing a grass skirt over her jeans, along with a tropical-print shirt and fake leis. Under the tropical shirt was an orange shirt with a fake prescription label printed on it. 

"What are you supposed to be?" Tina asked Kim.

"Tropical Depression," Kim answered, pointing to the fake prescription label.

"That's a punny one, too," Tina answered. "What do you mean?"

"Yours are all better than mine," Kim whined.

"Nah, yours is great, too," chimed in yet another worker, Joanne. "Look at me, I'm just a regular old witch."

"What else could you have done?" Kim asked. Joanne just shrugged. She then indicated the renaissance costume Megan, the secretary, was wearing. "And look at her," Joanne whispered. "Not so original either."

Tina looked at the others, "I guess you can all have your cake and eat it, too." 

"And if I had thought any better, I could have put a cherry on top of my costume," Bob said, laughing. 

"And we decorated everything but the kitchen sink," Joanne said, eyeing the decorations around the office.


messymimi said...

Clever! That was fun.

Elephant's Child said...

That was a heap of fun. Thank you for joining us again.

lissa said...

I like that tropical depression costume. All those costumes are quite fun though I don't think I would wear them to work even on halloween. Good takes on the prompts.

Have a lovely day.

Rain said...

That was great! :)