Friday, October 1, 2021

Hello, October


It's now October and the weather today as warm. Still not quite sweater time. Today was too hot for long pants, let alone sweaters. 

I began decorating the lawn yesterday as I said then, but am uncertain about adding any other decorations as I did not find many when I looked at Target and Goodwill yesterday. But I think what I already have is good, if I don't find other stuff I want to add. 

I've been looking for gothic and horror reads for this month, for the R.I.P. challenge, and have some lined up already. Mental Health Day is also coming up, so I have something in mind for that as well. 

Soon it will be time for reading challenges for 2022 to start showing up. Most start coming as early as November, though some might show up this month. I'm still deciding when to post mine for next year and which ones to bring back (likely all of them). 

And I am still wondering about this coming holiday season.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope all your wonderings have happy endings.

Guillaume said...

Happy Countdown! Here it is as if autumn got the memo as temperatures dropped down dramatically in the last week of September or so. I was getting desperate.