Wednesday, December 14, 2022

2023 Reading Challenge @ With Love, Melissa

 A new one to me.

2023 reading challenge
  1. A book that’s blue: The Love Hypothesis--Ali Hazelwood
  2. Makes you laugh
  3. Based on real events: Jackie & Me--Louis Bayard
  4. Published the same month you read it (i.e. brand new)
  5. Short story collection from a Native American/Indigenous author
  6. Sci-Fi from a BIPOC author: Parable of the Talents--Octavia E. Butler
  7. A classic
  8. A non-fiction nature/science book
  9. Takes place in the area you live:
  10. Listen to a non-fiction audiobook 
  11. Feminist non-fiction: White Women--Regina Jackson
  12. A cozy foodie mystery
  13. A book about books: Checked Out For Murder--Allison Brook
  14. A book of poetry
  15. A graphic novel: Almost American Girl--Robin Ha
  16. A YA fantasy novel
  17. A book by a celebrity
  18. A romance
  19. A translated book
  20. A self-help book: Anxiety Disorder--Lisa Fletcher
  21. Memoir/Biography of a person you want to learn about
  22. An Epistolary novel: Meet Cute Dairy--Emery Lee 
  23. A fairy tale retelling
  24. A novel with magical realism: Blood Like Magic--Liselle Sambury
  25. A domestic thriller: This is Where We Live--Janelle Brown
  26. True crime about a scammer or con artist
  27. A book recommended by a friend
  28. A book with time travel
  29. Revisit a favorite children’s book
  30. An author’s debut novel: Remarkably Bright Creatures--Shelby Van Pelt
  31. A novel that talks about mental health (the main character has anxiety, depression etc)