Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Book Riot's 2023 Read Harder Challenge

 Another I look forward to seeing each year.


  1. Read a novel about a trans character written by a trans author: Meet Cute Dairy--Emery Lee
  2. Read one of your favorite author’s favorite books.
  3. Read a book about activism.
  4. Read a book that’s been challenged recently in your school district/library OR read one of the most-challenged/banned books of the year by a queer and/or BIPOC author.
  5. Read a completed webcomic.
  6. Finish a book you’ve DNFed (did not finish).
  7. Listen to an audiobook performed by a person of color of a book written by an author of color: Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head: Poems--Warsan Shire
  8. Read a graphic novel/comic/manga if you haven’t before; or read one that is a different genre than you normally read: Almost American Girl--Robin Ha
  9. Read an independently published book by a BIPOC author: Her Body and Other Parties--Carmen Maria Machado
  10. Read a book you know nothing about based solely on the cover: The Best Man--Richard Peck
  11. Read a cookbook cover to cover.
  12. Read a nonfiction book about BIPOC and/or queer history.
  13. Read an author local to you: Golden Honey--Erica Varela
  14. Read a book with under 500 Goodreads ratings: Romantic Visionary--W.B. Yeats
  15. Read a historical fiction book set in an Eastern country.
  16. Read a romance with bisexual representation: They Both Die at the End--Adam Silvera
  17. Read a YA book by an Indigenous author.
  18. Read a comic or graphic novel that features disability representation: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish--Seiko Tanabe
  19. Read a nonfiction book about intersectional feminism: White Women--Regina Jackson
  20. Read a book of poetry by a BIPOC or queer author.
  21. Read a book of short stories: Matchup--Lee Child (ed.)
  22. Read any book from the Ignyte awards shortlist/longlist/winner list.
  23. Read a social horror, mystery, or thriller novel.
  24. Pick a challenge from any of the previous years’ challenges to repeat!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, there's some real challenges here!

Sandra Cox said...

A diverse set of challenges.