Saturday, December 3, 2022

Chapter Break Bingo – December 2022

Here is the new card.

My Books:

  1. Maccabee!--Tilda Balsley (4 squares): Audiobook, Man on the Cover, Beard, Royalty/Kingdom
  2. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow--Gabrielle Zevin (5 squares): Library Book, Physical Book, Not in a Series, Big City, One Night Stand
  3. The Good Sister--Sally Hepworth (4 squares): E-Book, Book Club Read, Library/Librarian, Free Book
  4. Girl Online On Tour--Zoe Sugg (2 squares): In a Series, Shelf Love
  5. Panda's Christmas Gifts--Tara Jaye Morrow (1 square): Gifts/Presents
  6. Wishful Drinking--Carrie Fisher (2 squares): Actor/Actress, Free Space
  7. Coming Home For Christmas--RaeAnne Thyne (4 squares): Holiday Romance, Set in Winter, Tree on the Cover, Mistaken Identity
  8. Mr. Miracle--Debbie Macomber (3 squares): Sparkly Cover, A Favorite Author, Coffee or Tea Drinker
25 squares complied on December 18