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The 2023 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

Once again doing this one, and setting my level at Fortnightly. I will then see how much further I get with the list. Click above to see  larger image of the graphic below.

A Historical Fiction Book: The Gift of Asher Lev--Chaim Potok

Lost and Found
About a missing person: Annie John--Jamaica Kincaid
About a civilization that no longer exists: Dune--Frank Herbert
About self-discovery: Dear Edward--Ann Napolitano
Book you find on your TBR list: State of Wonder--Ann Patchett

About a hobby you do or would like to do (cooking): Taste: My Life Through Food--Stanley Tucci
Cozy mystery with a hobby-related pun title
Memoir or biography about someone with an unusual hobby: So-Called Normal--Mark Henick
A book from your "collection": Ellen Foster--Kaye Gibbons

Who Wrote That
Twofer: two books by the same author using different names (counts as
two books)
An author you have always wanted to read: The Adventures of Augie March--Saul Bellow

Series or Not
Read (or re-read so you remember it) the first book in a series: Lilac Girls--Martha Hall Kelly
The second book in a series: Lost Roses--Martha Hall Kelly
Any book from a series: Sunflower Sisters--Martha Hall Kelly

Cuddly and Cute
Book by an author you'd like to hug: The Pretty One--Keah Brown
Book that makes you think of warm fires and cozy beds: 50 Harbor Street--Debbie Macomber
Pair of slippers on the cover: The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square--Rosina Lippi

Regarding the Moon
A word in the title that rhymes with "moon" or "moony": Seven Days in June--Tia Williams

The Number Four
Book published in a year that contains a 4 (2014): Cold As Ice--Sarah Mlynowski
Author whose first or last name is only four letters: Memoirs of an Addicted Brain--Marc Lewis

Preparing for the Robot Uprising
"Machine" or "mechanic" in the title: T. Rex Time Machine--Jared Chapman
About rocket science: Rocket to the Moon!--Don Brown
Book with a cyborg, robot or AI character: Snow White and the Seven Robots--Stewart Ross
Steampunk book: Changeling--Molly Harper

Road Trips
Name of a street or highway in the title: On Ocean Boulevard--Mary Alice Monroe
Luggage on the front cover
Car, truck or bus on the cover: Race Forever--R.A. Montgomery

Initial Impressions
Go ahead--choose a book because of its cover: The Reunion--Meghan Quinn
Author with initials in their name: The Green Ember--S.D. Smith
A book your initial reaction to is "I know I'll love this": Dead Dead Girls-Nekesa Afia
Book you expect will expand your initial knowledge of a subject: Citizen Coke--Bartow J. Elmore

Weather or Not
Picture of a foggy street on the cover: Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six--Lisa Unger
"Chill" in the title
Nonfiction book about a natural disaster or weather event: Midnight in Chernobyl--Adam Higginbotham
Book set in winter: The Long Winter--Laura Ingalls Wilder [re-read]

Not As It Seems
Fiction with a real person as the protagonist: Jackie & Me--Louis Bayard
Book with an animal on the cover that is not about that animal: Eyes of Wynter--Emmy R. Bennett
Book title that begins with "how to" that is not a "how to" book: How to Murder Your Life--Cat Marnell
Book written by an author using a pseudonym of the opposite gender: Tragic Toppings--Jessica Beck

Taking a Flying Leap
Person jumping on the cover: Stuntboy, In the Meantime--Jason Reynolds
Book you want to dive into: The Deep--Rivers Solomon
Memoir or biography of a "daredevil": Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life--William Finnegan

Sparkles and Glitter
Gem in the title: Diamonds and Toads (from Fairy Tales, Volume 1, at Project Gutenberg)
Book whose cover makes you think of a middle school girl: Blood Like Magic--Liselle Sambury
Memoir by someone who might use glitter regularly: Wow, No Thank You--Samantha Irby
Gold writing on the cover: Irish Gold--Andrew M. Greeley

Book with a color that matches your shirt (on the day you start it): Odd One Out--Nic Stone
With something on the cover that can be lit by a match: Blueprints--Barbara Delinsky

Love Them Critters
Author who has a pet listed in their bio: The Garden of Small Beginnings--Abbi Waxman [re-read]
"Lion," "elephant," or "mouse" in the title: The Lions of Little Rock--Kristin Levine
Book you would wrestle from the jaws of a tiger to read: Child of the Wolves--Elizabeth Hall

Romeo and Juliet--Balcony on the cover: Pineapple Street--Jenny Jackson
Midsummer's Night's Dream--About fairies: The Cruel Prince--Holly Black
Sonnets--Book of poetry: Romantic Visionary--W.B. Yeats

Bucket List
Elderly protagonist: Tomb of Sand--Geetanjali Shree 
Book you definitely want to read before you die: Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York--Gail Parent
About a place you want to visit: The Villa--Rachel Hawkins

A book you hope will soothe your soul: Dirty Thirty--Janet Evanovich
Super cheerful person on the cover: Anna and Elsa's Hygge Life--Heather Knowles

Natural History--Book with dinosaurs in it: The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs--Steve Brusatte
Art--Well-known painting on the cover: The Da Vinci Code--Dan Brown
Children's--Protagonist 12 or younger: Abby in Wonderland--Sarah Mlynowski
Maritime--About ships or sailing: Love, Lists & Fancy Ships--Sarah Grunder Ruiz 

Dinner Time!
Restaurant on the cover: Death of an Italian Chef--Lee Hollis
Book you'd skip a dinner date for: Carrie Soto is Back--Taylor Jenkins Reid
Book off a "Sizzling Summer Reads" list: The Hotel Nantucket--Elin Hilderbrand
Book you've been waiting to gobble up: A Summer Affair--Elin Hilderbrand

About going home: Homegoing--Yaa Gyasi
"Teeth" in the title: Alan's Big, Scary Teeth--Jarvis
About our ancestors

The Darkness Around Us
Book that employs dark humor: One of Us is Lying--Karen M. McManus 
A "noir" book: Macbeth--Jo Nesbo
Set someplace that has a "long night" during winter: The London Seance Society--Sarah Penner 
About finding hope when life is challenging: A Long Way Gone--Ishmael Beah 

Ain't That Sweet
Nonfiction book about sugar
With an adorable cover: Once More With Feeling--Elissa Sussman
"Ain't" or "sweet" in the title: Santa's Sweetheart--Janet Dailey
Set in a bakery or sweet shop: Queerly Beloved--Susie Dumond

Instrument in the title: Drums of Autumn--Diana Gabaldon
Title that is a song name: Back in Black--Lori Foster
Memoir by a singer or musician: Open Book--Jessica Simpson

Book you can read in a day: Almost American Girl--Robin Ha
Book you wish you had written: Love on the Brain--Ali Hazelwood
Chess piece on the cover: How to Play Chess--D.K. Publishing
Translated from a different language: The House of Broken Angels--Luis Alberto Urrea 

Calling challenge complete on December 29. 

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