Friday, December 30, 2022

The Nerd Daily’s 2023 Reading Challenge

 Doing this one again.

  1. Recommended by the Nerd Daily:
  2. 2023 adaptation:
  3. A sequel: Tokyo Dreaming--Emiko Jean
  4. Illustrated cover: Jackie & Me--Louis Bayard
  5. Debut author:
  6. Title starts with K or N: Kiss & Tell--Adib Khorram
  7. Translated book:
  8. Romance or Horror:
  9. Quoted by an author you like:
  10. Coming-of-age story:
  11. Protagonist starts with S: Yerba Buena--Nina LaCour
  12. Surname could be a first name: Three Sisters, Three Queens--Philippa Gregory
  13. Standalone: Verity--Colleen Hoover
  14. Book you know nothing about: A Long Way Gone--Ishmael Beah
  15. Thrifted or gifted:
  16. Award-winning book:
  17. Orange spine: The Gift of Asher Lev--Chaim Potok
  18. Guilty pleasure: Tell Me Lies--Jennifer Crusie
  19. Set in a small town: Tending Roses--Lisa Wingate
  20. Author you love: Beach House Reunion--Mary Alice Monroe
  21. Between 380-430 pages:
  22. Released in August 2023:
  23. 2022 release you neglected:
  24. Opposite side of the world:
  25. Sun, moon or stars on the cover:
  26. Recommended by bookstore:
  27. Book with illustrations inside: The Green Ember--S.D. Smith
  28. Told from three perspectives:
  29. Sports or space:
  30. Two-word title: Queerly Beloved--Susie Dumond
  31. Silver on cover:
  32. A bilingual character:
  33. Set in the summer:
  34. From our #readwithpride series:
  35. Indie author:
  36. Chapters have titles: Seven Days in June--Tia Williams
  37. Selected by family or friend:
  38. Romantic interest starts with M:
  39. Author new to you: The Ex Talk--Rachel Lynn Solomon
  40. Dual timelines: Lost Autumn--Mary-Rose MacColl
  41. Author starting with L: Meet Cute Dairy--Emery Lee
  42. Title without "The": On Ocean Boulevard--Mary Alice Monroe
  43. Middle grade or nonfiction:
  44. Flora on cover: This is Where We Live--Janelle Brown
  45. Released in March 2023:
  46. #ownvoices author:
  47. Holiday that isn't Christmas:
  48. #booktok recommendation: I Kissed Shara Wheeler--Casey McQuiston
  49. Anthology: Matchup--Lee Child (ed.)
  50. Historical or fantasy:
  51. Book 15 years older than you:
  52. Features an animal:

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