Monday, November 6, 2023

2024 Key Word Reading Challenge

 One of my favorites, hosted at Girl XOXO, is now up.


:: Your task is simple. Read a book each month with one (or more) of the key words in the title.

:: Variations of key words are allowed. For example: Drown, Drowning, Drowned are all okay for the key word ‘drown’.

JAN– Secret, Heaven, True, House, Come, Only, Know, Winter⁠: Greenglass House--Kate Milford

FEB– Heir, Night, Bride, Down, Women, Hand, Teach, Guest⁠: Watership Down--Richard Adams

MAR– Story, Hunt, Plot, City, You, Cry, Another, Paint⁠The Painted Queen--Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess

APRDarling, Funny, Familiar, Somewhere, List, Meet, Never, Word⁠: Temptation's Darling--Johanna Lindsey

MAY– Library, Dark, Drown, Ex, Iron, Done, Love, Stranger⁠: City of Darkness and Light--Rhys Bowen

JUN– Ink, Fragile, Road, Summer, Breath, Every, Push, Sorry⁠: Summer on Sag Harbor--Sunny Hostin

JUL– Mine, Again, Honey, Paradise, Still, Club, Train, Legend⁠: Paradise Peak--Janet Dailey

AUG– School, Cut, Sky, Fate, Wing, Belong, Justice, Way⁠

SEP– Twice, World, Man, Quiet, Sweet, Hold, Shallow, Invisible⁠

OCT– Vampire, Here, Mist, Death, One, Missing, Bite, Witch⁠

NOV– Spice, Life, Hello, Keep, Truly, Couple, Joy, Young⁠

DEC– Snow, Season, Ice, Merry, White, Under, Mistletoe, Inn⁠


Kay said...

I was going to read The Color of Air as soon as it's available for my Kindle, but neither color or air is in any of the months.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

This is a clever one! Lots of scope too.