Thursday, November 30, 2023

Book Challenge by Erin 20.0

This is hosted at a private Facebook group. This runs from January 1 to April 30, 2024.

NEW, for this VERY SPECIAL 20th CHALLENGE - There will be 20 book categories! But you still are only challenged to read 10 books. How will this work? There will be our always-present freebie category plus 19 categories, one from our previous 19 challenges. You will choose 10 books that suit 10 of the categories and that will be your preliminary list. So, if there’s a category that you’re not interested in reading, for BCBE20, you can just select to skip it because there are 19 other categories to choose.
  1. Freebie – Read a book that is at least 200 pages:  Bluebeard--Kurt Vonnegut
  2. Read a book that was made into a movie (from BCBE1): It Ends With Us--Colleen Hoover
  3. Read a book by a favorite author that is not a re-read (from BCBE2): Summer Secrets--Jane Green
  4. Read a book of short stories (from BCBE3): Sourdough Sagas--Herbert L. Heller
  5. Read a book with one of these seasonal words in the title: winter, summer, spring, autumn, or fall (from BCBE4): Winter Stroll--Elin Hilderbrand
  6. Read a historical fiction book (from BCBE5): Weyward--Emilia Hart
  7. Read a book set in your city/town/county/state/province (from BCBE6): Last Night at the Telegraph Club--Malinda Lo
  8. Read a book with a non-human main character (from BCBE7): Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis
  9. Read a book with the name of a character in its title (from BCBE8): Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous--Suzanne Park
  10. Read a book (must be at least 2 words in the title) where each word in the title of the book begins with the same letter (from BCBE9); examples: Magpie Murders, Gone Girl, Peter Pan, Love’s Labor Lost; conjunctions and articles count; for example, if the title has “and” in the title, all of the other words must start with “A” to count; or if the title has “the” in it, all of the other words must start with “T”: Fatally Frosted--Jessica Beck
  11. Read a book originally published over 100 years ago (from BCBE10): Persian Letters--Montesquieu
  12. Read a book with a picture of a building (e.g. a house, a castle, a school, a hospital, etc.) on the cover (from BCBE11): The Address--Fiona Davis
  13. Read a book that has won an Edgar award (from BCBE12): Greenglass House--Kate Milford
  14. Read a (fiction or non-fiction) book with an immigrant as a main character (from BCBE13): Behold the Dreamers--Imbolo Mbue
  15. Read a book by a LGBTIA+ author or main character (from BCBE14): If You're Out There--Katy Loutzenhiser
  16. Read a book with to, two, or too in the title (from BCBE15): She's Too Pretty to Burn--Wendy Heard
  17. Read a memoir, biography, or autobiography (from BCBE16): Paris: The Memoir--Paris Hilton
  18. Read a book with one of these words in the title: book(s), bookshop, bookstore, library, librarian (from BCBE17): The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek--Kim Michele Richardson
  19. Read a book set in Australia or written by an Australian author (from BCBE18): The Forgotten Garden--Kate Morton
  20. Read a book with an animal on the cover or in the title (from BCBE19): Watership Down--Richard Adams

Challenge completed on February 9

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