Monday, November 20, 2023

2024 Romance Book Reading Challenge with She Reads Romance Books

 Doing this one again.

She Reads Romance Books

For this year’s challenge, I’m presenting two options for each month to guide your selections. Each month has a specific romance category as well as a fun reading challenge. Use either (or both!) to pick your book of the month.

2024 Romance Book Reading Challenge Themes

JANUARY– Dark Romance: She's Too Pretty to Burn--Wendy Heard

FEBRUARY– Spicy Romance: The Spanish Love Deception--Elena Armas

MARCH– Contemporary Romance: It Starts With Us--Colleen Hoover

APRIL– New Adult Romance: Check & Mate--Ali Hazelwood

MAY– Romantic Suspense / Read a BIPOC Author

JUNE– Sports Romance / Choose a Book by its Cover

JULY– Summer Romance / Listen to an Audiobook

AUGUST– Romantic Comedy / Read a Book That Inspires Travel

SEPTEMBER– Historical Romance / Read a Book Made into a Movie or TV Series

OCTOBER– Fantasy or Paranormal Romance / Read an Indie Author

NOVEMBER– Young Adult Romance / Reread a Favorite Book

December – Holiday Romance / Pick a Social Media Recommendation

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