Thursday, December 28, 2023

Her Grace's Library Reading Challenge

 This is a new one being offered for the first time at Her Grace's Library.

  1. Title longer than 6 words: With a Dog AND Cat, Every Day is Fun, Volume 1--Hidekichi Matsumoto
  2. Author with your initials: Summer Secrets--Jane Green
  3. MC is an animal:
  4. Takes place underwater:
  5. Doesn't have the letter "E" in the title: Songs of Willow Frost--Jamie Ford
  6. By or about being a refugee: Love is an Ex-Country--Randa Jarrar
  7. In translation: Persian Letters--Montesquieu
  8. Cover featuring neon colors:
  9. MC is a non-human entity (robot, alien, etc): Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis
  10. Set in space:
  11. By Indigenous/Native American/First Nations author:
  12. Anthology:
  13. Released in your birth month:
  14. Title is a question:
  15. MC or author is transgendered: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester
  16. The weather plays a significant role: The Snow Child--Eowyn Ivey
  17. An unusal format:
  18. Protagonist is a plant:
  19. 2024 adaptation:
  20. You have no idea where you got this book:
  21. MC has a phobia:
  22. Set during your favorite holiday or event:
  23. One-word title: Bluebeard--Kurt Vonnegut
  24. MC is a time traveller:
  25. By or about a person who is asexual:
  26. Color in the title: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard
  27. Published in the year of a big historical event in your lifetime:
  28. MC has a weird job (taxidermist, etc):
  29. MC who collects something unusual:
  30. Won an LGBTQ+ literary award: Branded by the Pink Triangle--Ken Setterington
  31. Over 400 pages: Watership Down--Richard Adams
  32. Novella: Home--Toni Morrison
  33. By an author with your zodiac sign:
  34. Features 24 (a 24-year-old MC, was published 24 years ago, etc): Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer
  35. Women in STEM/Girl coders, etc:
  36. Attention-grabbing title: Apocalypse Baby--Virginie Despentes
  37. Author or MC is HIV positive:
  38. Takes place in a haunted house:
  39. Title starts with "G": Greenglass House--Kate Milford
  40. Book of poetry:
  41. Microhistory:
  42. By or about a neurodivergent person:
  43. Debut book by an author over 60:
  44. Has a pretty cover:
  45. MC has a stange hobby:
  46. Set in a city you've never visited:
  47. By or about a person with a mental illness: Another Kind of Madness--Stephen P. Hinshaw
  48. A title that rhymes: Five Survive--Holly Jackson
  49. Set in a parallel universe:
  50. Published in your birth year:
  51. Indie or small-press published: Apocalypse Baby--Virginie Despentes
  52. By or about a person on the autism spectrum:

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Sandra Cox said...

That's quite a challenge.