Monday, December 25, 2023

2024 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

Another favorite I have been doing for several years now. There are always a lot of interesting categories in this one.  Click above to see the graphic with the categories. As in the past, I will try to complete the Fortnightly level (one category from each topic), then see how much father I can go with the list.

The Standards

Thriller: The Paris Apartment--Lucy Foley


Mystery: Fatally Frosted--Jessica Beck


To Coin A Phrase

Coins on the cover

By an author known for coining a phrase

Title based on a well-known phrase: Leap of Faith--Danielle Steel

Book about language

Our Amazing World

Book about the ocean

Memoir about someone living with nature: Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer

Book about an explorer

Book about a lost species

Classic Computer Games

Oregon Trail--book where the characters might die of dysentery

Legend of Zelda--book where the protagonist is not the title character: Young Jane Young--Gabrielle Zevin

Pacman--A maze on the cover

Space Invaders--book with aliens


About something you might find dead on the road

Mystery set during a vacation 

Hotel on the cover

Something flat on the cover

How Does Your Garden Grow

Author with flower/plant name

Coming-of-age story 

About three main characters: Weyward--Emilia Hart

"Silver" or "shell" in the title

Bright and Shiny

Book released in 2024

Memoir about someone with a Hollywood Star

Gold or silver cover

Picture of the sun on the cover: White Lies--Jayne Ann Krentz

Things That Are Good for Us

Vegetable in the title

About walking away

Lots of fresh air on the cover

About positive changes


"Secret" in the title: Summer Secrets--Jane Green

Someone sleeping on the cover

About a secret society

Book you hope will calm your mind

Reasons a Book Might Be Banned 

About gender identity: Women Who Dared--Linda Skeers

Written by a POC: Behold the Dreamers--Imbolo Mbue

With offensive language 

With talking animals: The Cat Who Saved Books--Sosuke Natsukawa


Mirror on the cover

About looking back

Book you know will make you think

Antonyms in the title: City of Darkness and Light--Rhys Bowen

Book Cliches

The butler did it--Book with a butler

It was a dark and stormy night--Book with a great first line

Once upon a time--Fairy tale retelling: Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis

There can only be one--Pits characters against each other: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard


Book with pirates: Pirate Passover--Judy Press

Sword on the cover

Daring adventure graphic novel: Queen of the Sea--Dylan Meconis

About a stowaway

New Year's Resolutions

Read anything--your goal is to read more: She's Too Pretty to Burn--Wendy Heard

Title that sounds like exercise

About cleaning home or getting organized

About getting away from it all

How Do You Want Your Eggs?

A hard-boiled crime: Reckoning--Catherine Coulter

About finding the sunny side of life

With a poacher 

Book where someone is likely to be "baked"

Doing It "Old School"

Stamp or rotary phone on the cover

Author old enough to be a grandparent

About someone traveling by foot: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry--Rachel Joyce

Set before you were born


Written by someone the same generation as you

Multi-generational story

Set when boomers were in their prime

Book that generates hope

Food Groups

Dairy--A cheesy book

Meat--Book you can sink your teeth into 

Fruit--Fruit in the title: Death by Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake--Sarah Graves

Grain--Set in a farming community: Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous--Suzanne Park

Love Them Pockets!

Key or pocket watch on the cover: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood--Quentin Tarantino

"Pocket Guide"

Purse on the cover (because of course your clothes don't have pockets)

Book that might have been carried in a soldier's pocket

Just Desserts

About revenge: Scandal--Amanda Quick

Something sweet on the cover: Sugar and Spice--Sarah Mlynowski

Book you'd like to settle in with an after-dinner drink

By an author who has a good reputation with fans

Color Me Up!

Color word in the title: Greenglass House--Kate Milford

Favorite color on the cover

Author with a color name: 

Book that looks like someone went crazy with crayons

Seems Sketchy

An illustrated book: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester

With an unreliable narrator

Sketchbook or notebook on the cover

"Fake" in the title

TBR Busters

Book you meant to read last year

Any book on your TBR: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek--Kim Michele Richardson

Book someone gave you that you haven't read yet: Mystique--Amanda Quick

Book in your house with a dusty cover


About a monster no one believes exists

By an author who uses a pseudonym: By the Light of the Study Lamp--Carolyn Keene

Fiction book based on a true story: River Sing Me Home--Eleanor Shearer

About something counterfeit

Spice It Up

Nonfiction book about a controversial person: Paris: The Memoir--Paris Hilton 

Spice in the title

Spicy cover

Set somewhere known for its cuisine

The Long and Short of It

Over 500 pages: The Forgotten Garden--Kate Morton

Under 150 pages: Home--Toni Morrison

Title at least 7 words long: With a Dog AND Cat, Every Day is Fun, Volume 1--Hidekichi Matsumoto

Author whose last name is no more than 5 letters


Gothic novel 

With a geeky character: My Video Game Ate My Homework--Dustin Hansen

About prophecies

Book someone says "changed their life"

About someone with a disability

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