Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Feminist Reading Challenge 2024

 Doing this one again, hosted at this Instagram account.

1. A book by a Palestinian author: Love is an Ex-Country--Randa Jarrar
2. About nature by a writer of colour
3. Memoir by an Indigenous / First Nation Australian writer
4. Translated short story collection: Flights--Olga Tokarczuk
5. By Toni Morrison: Home
6. Translated fiction by a woman published prior to 1980
7. Fantasy with queer rep/queer author
8. Essay collection by author of colour
9. By a neurodivergent author
10. A mythology retelling: The Painted Queen--Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess
11. Translated fiction from an indie press: Apocalypse Baby--Virginie Despentes 
12. Fiction by a Caribbean writer
13. Non-fiction by disabled writer
14. By a non-binary writer: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester
15. Historical fiction with queer rep/by a queer author: Last Night at the Telegraph Club--Malinda Lo
16. Fiction by a writer from North Africa
17. Horror-esque fiction by a woman/non-binary writer: Weyward--Emilia Hart
18. By a Latinx author
19. Graphic novel with queer rep/by a queer author
20. Fantasy by an Asian American writer
21. Poetry by a Black British writer
22. A mythology retelling
23. Non-fiction less than 150 pages: The Art of Costuming--Ruth E. Carter 
24. By a Muslim writer
25. By a Southern African writer

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