Thursday, December 28, 2023

Four Moon Reading Challenge 2024

 Doing this one again, posted on the host's Instagram.

  1. More than one face on the cover:
  2. Indie book: This Wound is a World--Billy-Ray Belcourt
  3. Write a review for any one (or more if you wish) of the books you've read for this challenge:
  4. Memoir or biography of someone who interests you:
  5. Cartoon cover: Happy Place--Emily Henry
  6. Book that has been or will be made into a movie: It Ends With Us--Colleen Hoover
  7. Book you hope becomes a movie:
  8. The letters, R, S, T, L, N and E on the cover: Winter Stroll--Elin Hilderbrand
  9. Reread a childhood favorite:
  10. Read a book you wish you'd had as a child/teen/young adult:
  11. Grey cover:
  12. Heard about on social media: Check & Mate--Ali Hazelwood
  13. Been on your TBR 5+ years:
  14. Book from the Rory Gilmore Reading list:
  15. A thrifted or gifted book: Scandal--Amanda Quick
  16. Chest on the cover:
  17. Odd number in the title: Five Survive--Holly Jackson
  18. Between 350-375 pages: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard
  19. Graphic novel: With a Dog AND Cat, Every Day is Fun, Volume 1--Hidekichi Matsumoto
  20. Wordless book:
  21. Free Space:
  22. Most recently purchased book (or the last book you borrowed):
  23. Book that had made others cry, or laugh out loud if you don't want to cry: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry--Rachel Joyce
  24. Beverage on the cover:
  25. 4-star rating or higher on Goodreads:
  26. On Four Moon Reviews Top Books of 2023 list:
  27. Book based on its 1-star reviews:
  28. Book about a family:
  29. Published the year you were born:
  30. Randomize your TBR (use a TBR jar, dice or any other method and choose a random book):
  31. Book involving a mythical creature: Bo's Magical New Friend--Rebecca Elliott
  32. Sci-fi or fantasy: Tess of the Road--Rachel Hartman
  33. Published in 2004:
  34. Published in 2014: Greenglass House--Kate Milford
  35. Published in 2024:
  36. Book involving an animal: The Cat Who Saved Books--Sosuke Natsukawa
  37. Book recommended for your zodiac sign:
  38. Thought-provoking book: Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer
  39. Book with dual timelines: The Address--Fiona Davis
  40. With a main character over 50 years old:


Lady M said...

How about a post where you tell us what titles you have read for these challenges and do some book reviews? i would love you to give me some reading recommendations.

Jamie Ghione said...

I list each of the books by categories on each challenge post. Check each one to see my progress. As for writing reviews, I don't get around to doing very many. Not quite a reviewer but I can try once in a while.