Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More on Candy Corn

Just had to pick up some candy corn today since it was on sale today.  I can never get through  Halloween season without not having any of the stuff at least once.  This is the second time this season.  The Halloween season doesn't seem complete without candy corn.

I don't hate buying candy corn for other holidays, but what is with different candies originally made for one holiday crossing over to other holidays?  Many hate Peeps for holidays other than Easter, but I have to say the worst offender is the gingerbread house.  As much as I like Halloween, a Halloween gingerbread house seems a little weird.  I'm surprised they aren't making Easter gingerbread houses too.  But can those be far behind?  Easter already has pastel-colored candy corn.  And pink, red and white candy corn is made for Valentines Day, and  there is red, white and green Christmas candy corn, commonly called Reindeer Corn.   Something seems just so weird about that name.

I haven't really been looking, but I've only spotted the pumpkin Peeps this season> Don't think I've seen any ghosts (Peeps, that is), but it's been years since I saw the black cat peeps. I bought some of those one year, but now they seem a bit elusive.   The gingerbread man Peeps have been elusive the last few Christmases as well, as I only recall ever having any of those once.  perhaps they should just stick to making Peeps for Easter.

As for candy corn in different colors, I'm not too bothered by it.   But I tend to buy the orange, yellow and white version at Halloween the most all year long.

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ShezCrafti said...

"Crossover candy" is fine by me as long as it makes sense. Like, yes to ghost PEEPs. No to black and orange candy canes.