Monday, October 29, 2012

Two Days Left

Even though Halloween is still two days away, it feels like it's already over.  All the celebrations were last weekend, since the holiday is on a Wednesday this year.  Already I'm wondering when all the celebrations will be next year when the holiday occurs on a Thursday, something that hasn't happened since 2002. Can't wait till the next time it's on a Friday (in 2014) and a Saturday (2015).  I missed blogging yesterday because I wasn't feeling too well, but there wasn't really much to say.   I did go to karaoke last Friday as I've been saying.  I will never miss that.  And to another celebration on Saturday night.  And on Saturday afternoon, saw "Fun Size" just as I had been planning.  Was a great movie!  I already want to get the DVD so I can watch it each year now!

Below are some photos from  karaoke last Friday night.  I'm in the middle of both as the 50s girl.

If I could I go to a street celebration on Wednesday night, but not going to happen (long story).  But I'm prepared since I took this Thursday off.  I know that day I'll be taking down the decorations, as the not-so-eventful month of November takes over the calendar.  I never do much for Thanksgiving, but am waiting for the final "Twilight" movie to premiere.  Hard to believe the series is coming to an end.  My family and I have been going to see the movies on Thanksgiving Day; I wonder what we will see on Thanksgiving in the years to come. with "Twilight" coming to a close.

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