Tuesday, October 2, 2012

106 Degree Weather in October

OK, this isn't exactly Halloween-related, but having to endure 106-degree weather in October is enough to make me not think of anything Halloween-related, at least right now.   It's been this way for at least three days now, and it's the hottest I ever recall it being this early in October.  This is California, after all, so hot weather in early fall isn't unheard of.  Once the fall equinox occurs in September,  it doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to retire the shorts and put the fans in the closet just yet. But I don't recall it every being in the 100s at this time of year.   Not recently anyway.  Two years in a row, I endured hot weather on the last weekend of September to get my Halloween decorations by the first of October.  My decorations for this year went up last Saturday and Sunday, and the hot weather hit when I went to bed on Sunday night.  It's been nearly impossible to get any sleep these last two nights.

I'm still looking for a pink-striped shirt and pink jacket for my 50s costume, but to no avail.  I guess I'll have to buy the jacket from Halloween City next week.  I'm a little out of it right now because of this weather.  But I'll get back to it.  Also, I have seen very few houses in my neighborhood decorated yet, but I haven't hit all the trailer park yet to look.  I've only seen those nearby me.  I've already seen political signs around town.  It seems like the election overshadows Halloween, especially in a Presidential election year (I'm going to try to blog more about that later).  I'll have to get some pictures of my decorations on my porch.  Will try to get those up tomorrow.

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