Monday, October 8, 2012

Candy Corn Treats

Candy corn's not just pieces of candy anymore.  As this blogger pointed out, it's now a flavor for Dots Candy and Oreos, something I'm tempted to look for this season. I've already tried to find the Oreos, but to no avail.  Not yet sure about looking for the Dots, however.

But it doesn't end there.   I'm one of those who've been addicted to pinning on Pinterest for several months now. Recently I can across a recipe for making candy corn sugar cookies. It looks tempting and I may just try it.  But I can't be too sure, because as much I want to bake stuff I never seem to be bale to find time as I get too tired.  But if I really want to do this, I will try to make the effort.  Below are two different candy corn cookie recipes.

And also candy corn marshmallow treats.  I've always bought pre-made marshmallow treats at stores, never made any. I will have to learn how if I get tempted to make any of these.

Candy Corn cupcakes.  Seems easy enough to bake.

Candy Corn marshmallows.

I found other candy corn treats as well, but this is all I feel like posting.  This is something that could go on all night.  I think you all get the idea.

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