Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Can you believe it's here?   You know what it means--going to the store to get some candy for tonight, if you haven't already done so.   I haven't as of yet.  Since the holiday fell on Wednesday this year, it was obvious that most bars, restaurants and such would be having parties the previous Friday or Saturday.  As such it felt like the day was already over even though it is officially today.

I missed three days of the countdown this year.  I'd missed days when participating in previous years (been doing the countdown since 2009) for various reasons.  This year it was because of being too tired one Sunday and the next (this past Sunday after being out late the night before), and yesterday.  Even though I live on the West Coast, all the news over  Hurricane Sandy was enough to out me out of the mode for a day.  I'm praying those on the East Coast will be safe.  It's sad that it happened now, just before one of the funnest nights of the year.  Since it was only one till Halloween, there really wasn't much to post  yesterday anyway.  There weren't a lot of houses in my neighborhood decorated this year, as far as I could see.   The Candy Corn Oreos eluded me.  I'd heard about them but did not see them anywhere.  No Halloween lotto tickets to be found near me.  These would have made great posts.  I don't watch baseball, but am wondering just how many people have been trekking over to San Francisco to see the Giants victory parade.  Some have thought Halloween wasn't a good day for the parade, as they are worried about extra madness with both celebrations on the same day.

Don't yet know about the rest of today, what I'll be doing. But if anything happens today that is worth of noting, I will let you know as a post-Halloween recap tomorrow.  I will be off work tomorrow and will begin the dreaded task of removing my decorations and putting them in storage until next year, than waiting about three weeks before the Christmas lights and fiber optic tree go up for most of December.  And in between I'll be waiting for the dreary days of November to pass.  Almost no one thinks much of Thanksgiving anymore.

Until then, have a good night tonight and be safe.


Frances said...

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Jamie Ghione said...

I like though I've only ordered from them once. One day I hope to do so again.