Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2017 Literature for Kids Reading Challenge

2017 Literature For Kids Reading Challenge

Here is another one that sounds fun. I like reading children's books from time to time.  I may even try writing a children's story. Sign up here.

Books in this challenge cover the globe, explore new cultures, take us into other time periods, and open our eyes to variety in children’s and teen fiction. Writers of juvenile literature can immerse themselves in multiple genres, to improve intuitive writing skills.

No specific books are suggested. You are free to explore book lists and come up with your own reading goals. There are twenty-five books on the list – intended as providing two reading experiences each month, with a bonus book for extra credit. Either toss out one book requirement, or add the extra book in sometime during the year.
To keep track of the books you’ve read, you could use Goodreads, or keep a list on your blog. To challenge yourself further you can write a review of each book on your chosen reading site or on a blog, or even on a Facebook page.
1. A book about an animal you wouldn’t want as a pet: Olivia--Ian Falconer
2. An award winning book for ages 8 to 12: Owl Moon--Jane Yolen
3. A book set in Africa: Chanda's Secrets--Allan Stratton
5. A non-fiction book written for children and published within the last five years: Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer--Carole Boston Weatherford
6. A book that takes place on a farm: The Jolly Barnyard--Annie North Bedford
7. A poetic novel: Out of the Dust--Karen Hesse
8. A book with black and white photographs: Night of the Ninth Dragon--Mary Pope Osborne
9. A book set in an area within 1000 miles of your home location: Love and  Gelato--Jenna Evans Welch
11. A book set in a country you’ve never visited: Ballet Shoes--Noel Streatfeild (England)
13. A book written before 1920: Black Beauty--Anna Sewell
14. A novel with a boy as main character: The Field of the Dogs--Katherine Paterson
15. A rewrite of a fairytale or folktale: Beast--Donna Jo Napoli
16. A book recommended by one of your relatives: Gia and the One Hundred Dollars Worth of Bubblegum--Frank Asch
17. Any book with a W in the title: Wonder--R.J. Palacio
18. A book about a dog or cat: The Green Dog--Suzanne Fisher Staples
20. A book with red on the cover: Petunia--Roger Duvosoin
21. A picture book published within the last 12 months: Flaptastic Colors
22. Re-read a book you’ve already loved: Little House in the Big Woods--Laura Ingalls Wilder
23. Read a book about weather: Science Kids: Spring--Aaron Carr
24. A book with a number in the title: Eight Cousins--Louisa May Alcott

25. A novel about a girl in a foreign culture: The Finnish Line--Linda Gerber

Challenge completed on August 29

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