Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No Tree This Year, But Still in the Spirit

No Cutting Christmas Trees

No, this doesn't mean I'm against having a tree. I just  needed something to
 illustrate this post.  his is among the images that came up when I
Googled "no tree this year." Read on for more.

Yes, it's only four days till Christmas  and I don't have a tree.  Just didn't find the time to look for one.But that's OK with me. I still feel in the mode. Also, there won't be a white elephant gift exchange, just dinner, with my mom's family. We'd been doing the gift thing for the last  20 or so years, but this year we decided it was a bit silly .Just being together matters, I guess.

But I will not be without a white elephant exchange this year. There will be on this evening at the local karaoke bar's annual Christmas party.  And one at my work party this coming Friday. Since it's a county job, I will be off all next week and on January 2.

No other Christmas decor went up this year either. But I have bought some Christmas-themed candy and our art class at work has been doing Christmas-related crafts for the last two or three weeks. All this makes me still feel in the holiday spirit.

There are different ways to get in the spirit. They don't have to be elaborate.

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