Monday, December 5, 2016 Which Archetype Is Your Male Protagonist?

Which Archetype Is Your Male Protagonist? - Writer's

Here is the full article, but the one I want to focus on is this:

The Shy Geek
This reclusive character tends to keep himself to himself. He likes to be alone, leads a solitary existence and is shy when faced with social situations. This character is one who readers get to know because of his desire to understand himself better, to change who he is, and to get to grips with his emotions. He is usually clever and thoughtful though when written in a negative way can be neurotic, psychotic and frightening.
I was glad to have seen this since I am going to attempt to create one such character.  The above description is synonymous with the terms "loner" or "introvert," which I have already noted in what little I have attempted as of yet. I may have been a girl :-), but the loner stereotype is something I can identify with, and definitely with being an introvert as well.

This is all I will say right now. I've only worked a little so far on this idea I'm trying to write (what with my still trying to revise and finish my memoir). But I was see this article, and especially this one section because it will be helpful for what I am attempting.

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