Thursday, December 22, 2016

The End of the Pop Culture League

From this blogpost in October:

About four years ago, I discovered the site Cool and Collected and its feature The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, a team of bloggers who posted on a different topic each week. Participation was optional each week. After a while I stopped posting, and then discovered the League had been discontinued, only to be reborn under a new name, The Pop Culture League. I decided to try posting to the site again when I can.  Click on the links above to see how to participate.

Well, now just today, I learned the new Pop Culture League is no more. I must admit I didn't get all that into it,  but I'd hope to blog occasionally with them as I had done previously. But I think what Brian at the blog says is true:

For most of us, our blogs are a side hobby, not our jobs, and as such, real life tends to take precedence over our online contributions (as it should!)...

That is true for most people, though in my case, a lack of interest in the topic some weeks kept me away (posting was completely voluntary). And I have mainly been blogging about reading and my writing. Nevertheless, it's sad that the feature had to ago away--again!  But it's been fun and I will miss some of the other bloggers' contributions. Life must move on...

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Mr Smith said...

I started a new challenge over on my page- Love to have you post