Thursday, October 5, 2017

Journaling Class Coming Up

Later this month at the center I work at and attend, we will be starting a journaling class.   I think it will be good for me after reading this blog entry:


What better way to improve your writing skills than to write? Getting your thoughts out on paper can have a range of benefits. Stereotypes have tried to diminish the idea of a “diary”, but it doesn’t have to be a book with your deepest secrets and feelings hidden in it waiting for someone to find it and expose you (i.e. ‘burn book’ in Mean Girls). Journaling can be anything from brainstorming, recording things to remember, letting thoughts flow out, to having an outlet for clearing your mind. If you are on the fence about adding journaling into your daily routine, consider these reasons to start writing everyday:
  • Journaling improves your IQ and intelligence. It improves your vocabulary by acting as an exploration of language. It also improves emotional intelligence by allowing you a deeper connection to process and manage your feelings.
  • Evokes mindfulness and improves mental health overall. It gets you actively engaging with your thoughts, bringing you into the present moment, reducing anxiety, and making you more alert and aware. The ‘cleansing’ aspect of writing is a huge stress reliever!
  • Helps you to reach your goals. Writing down your goals can help it act as a psychological blueprint, which in turn, can increase the likelihood that goals are achieved.
  • Boosts memory and comprehension. Composing thoughts, creating ideas, and turning these into words gives your brain a workout and strengthens your cognitive recall.
  • Improves communication skills. Written thoughts translate into spoken conversation and actual vocalization.
  • Sparks creativity. Write without thinking and see how this tool can put you into a creative mindset. Let your imagination wander and record the journey.
  • Improves self-confidence. Writing about positive experiences can improve your self-esteem and mood as you practice reflecting on experiences that made you happy.
These are just some of the many benefits that can come with taking just 5 minutes a day to write, write, write! You might be surprised how other areas of your writing become improved over time. Get rid of the old ‘diary’ and start a new journey with the adult version: journaling.
Is there really a difference between a diary and a journal? Have I been using these words wrong all this time? It seems I have, but I'm not going to argue  over use of words:)
I think it will be good to do the journaling class.

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Elephant's Child said...

I hope it brings you all you could wish for - and more.