Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Bookish Bingo

Here is the new Bingo card for October.

Click on the card to download (or right click here and save-as).
Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.
Here’s a recap for clarity (with specific dates for example):
October 4 – new bingo card available
November 2 – Julie and I will post our October completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post
November 3 – new bingo card available
December 4 – Julie and I will post our November completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post. We will also be posting the October winner of the most squares in this post.
Books for this card:
  1. The Spiderwick Chronicles 1-5--Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black (5 squares): Audiobook, Squad/Friends, Reluctant Hero, In a Series, Orange or Brown Cover
  2. The Shack--William Paul Young (3 squares): Library Book, Deception, Spooky
  3. Ghosts--Raina Telgemeier (5 squares): Humor, Costumes, Fall (the Season), Festival, Cemetery
  4. The King of Things and the Cranberry Clown--John Callahan (1 square): Clown
  5. The Turn of the Screw--Henry James (1 square): Bad Boy
  6. The Way to Paradise--Mario Vargas Lolsa (1 square): Outcast
  7. Peaches and Screams--G.A. McKevett (3 squares): Candy/Sweets, Weapon on Cover, Pets
  8. Bloodlines--Richelle Mead (3 squares): Shelf Love, Love Triangle, Free Space
  9. Love is a Mix Tape--Rob Sheffield (1 square): Nonfiction
  10. The Girl With All the Gifts--M.R. Carey (1 square): Free Book
  11. North and South--Elizabeth Gaskell (1 square): E-Book
Challenge completed on October 29. 25 Squares  completed.


Elephant's Child said...

It is an intriguing concept. Some day I will join in.

Sandra Cox said...

To echo, EC, this one does look intriguing.

Julie S said...

25 squares, that's awesome!!! woot woot! But it's more fun when you fill them in with a stamp haha