Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why Writing is Important

Why Writing Is Important - Writer's Life.org

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and contemplate how crucial writing is to the world. For many writers the process of writing, while at times, inspirational, joyful, cathartic and exciting, can also often seem like a thankless, tireless task, and we can find ourselves wondering why we keep doing it!
However, actually appreciating the impact that writing can have, on ourselves and our readers is important to consider and appreciate from time to time, particularly in those darker moments where we despair and wonder whether we are wasting our time.
So what are the reasons that writing is so important? Can it actually build a better world and help people find a clearer path, a better way? I think so. Here are some of the ways why writing is so important.

Because life has meaning
Writing explores the meaning of life. In many different ways, and however big or small, each story we write has a meaning, a lesson to be learned or a thought to be examined. Writing helps us to find more meaning in the everyday things. It can make ordinary lives extraordinary, and that’s incredibly inspiring.

Because stories help us find our truth
Stories explore lots of different truths. For writers, the process can be incredibly cathartic, and the process of writing helps us be completely honest with ourselves and explore thoughts that perhaps we would hide from ourselves in other situations.

Because escaping to another world can be the one thing we need
Reading is one of the best forms of escapism out there, and it’s cheap and healthy too! When writers do their job well, readers are transported into another world, and if they, as we all sometimes do, are looking for somewhere to lose themselves and forget their problems for a while, reading can be the perfect vessel to do just that.

Because stories explore emotion
We all struggle with our emotions from time to time. Good books explore and express many different kinds of emotion, and the fictional characters created come to life because of it. In doing so they also become people whom readers feel close to, who get exactly what they are going through, and that can be incredibly helpful and healing.

Because we are all on a journey
A good story takes us on a journey, and, wherever that journey ends up, because of that very fact, stories reflect real life. We are all on a journey of some kind after all, and reading can help remind us of that, help us believe we can overcome our obstacles and that we should keep moving forward no matter what.

Because well all need heroes
Everyone needs someone to look up to, to inspire them. The heroes and heroines we find in literature have the power to make us think differently, to inspire change. They can become incredibly meaningful to the reader and can move them, motivate them, and, in some instances even save them!

So there you have it, if you were ever doubtful that your writing is worthless or meaningless then think again. So what if your story hasn't been read by millions? So what if your writing scares you a little? Writing truly is a gift, and if you have that gift and that passion, you shouldn’t hide it. Instead, share it, set it free, and even if you reach one person, that’s surely something to be immensely proud of!

These all sounds like good reasons to consider how important writing can be. 

I have enjoyed working on my memoir and am still not done yet. The advanced memoir writing class will begin on October 11 and run until November 15.  That's six weeks, twice as long as the beginning class held over the summer.  Another session of the beginning class was just held, so I can expect to see some of the people who were in that session as well as some of the others who were in the summer class with me. It's been a while since I worked on the memoir and am still uncertain where to look for an editor in my area. I am excited to see what I will learn in the advanced class and to see how m,any other people turn out for this class.

For the last week or so, I wrote more on my attempt at a diary novel set in the 1980s. This was the decade in which I grew up, so I know plenty about that era. I stumped a girl at work when I said that one of my chapters was titled "Preparing for Life Behind Bars," taken from this news story headline from 1982.   Would you have been stumped by such a line before knowing what it really was referring to? This is one part of the story. Others at work said that this sounds like a good story. 

I'm hoping to get inspired to write something else as well.

How many stories can you write at once?


Elephant's Child said...

This reader thanks all writers. From the bottom of my greedy heart.

Sandra Cox said...

Preparing for life behind bars sounds like a good hook.