Friday, October 20, 2023

Memoir Reading Challenge 2024

It's getting to be that time again. This is the first of the five challenges I host each year.

To participate, you must read a minimum of five memoirs from any of the categories listed. One book can only count for one category. Re-reads are acceptable. All book formats count. 

Other Rules:

  • Books must be read on or after January 1, 2024 to count.
  • Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2024.
  • Books may cross over to other challenges in which you are participating. 
  • Books must be labeled as memoirs to count. 
  • You do not need a blog to sign up.  You may keep tract of your progress on Goodreads, Amazon or other similar sites with a shelf dedicated to this challenge.  Or sign up on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Sign up below in the comments.

If you need reading ideas, here are some links to get started:

Goodreads: Best Memoir/Autobiography

Goodreads: Memoirs by Women 

Amazon Best Seller Memoirs

B&N: 50 Essential Memoirs

Here are the categories:

  1. Mental Illness Memoir: Another Kind of Madness--Stephen P. Hinshaw
  2. Other Illness Memoir: 
  3. Political Memoir:  
  4. Food Memoir: Rebel Chef--Dominique Crenn
  5. Animal Memoir: 
  6. Music Memoir: 
  7. Travel Memoir: Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer
  8. Written by a person of color: 
  9. Written by a woman: Love is an Ex-Country--Randa Jarrar
  10. Written by a person who identifies as LGBTQIA: This Wound is a World--Billy-Ray Belcourt
  11. Written by an actor or a comedian: 
  12. Written by an author or journalist: 
  13. Written by any other celebrity: Paris: The Memoir--Paris Hilton
  14. Written by someone under 40: 
  15. Written by someone over 40: 
  16. Written by someone from a country different from your own: 
  17.  One you find thought-provoking: 
  18.  Made into a movie: 
  19.  Graphic novel memoir: 
  20.  Bestselling memoir: 
  21.  Humorous memoir: 
  22.  Fictional memoir: 
  23.  In translation:
  24.  Won an award: 
  25.  Published in 2024: 
  26.  Published in 2023 or earlier: 
  27.  Under 300 pages: 
  28.  Over 300 pages: 
  29.  One you want to re-read: 
  30.  On a favorite topic: 
  31.  By a favorite celebrity: 
  32.  Free choice: 
  33.  Free choice: 
  34.  Free choice:



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Five whole books? That would kill me stone dead.

Elephant's Child said...

Happy reading. Memoirs are always on my go to list.

Laura@Reading Books Again said...

I am joining this challenge next year

Kate @ booksaremyfavouriteandbest said...

Yay! One of my favourite challenges. I look forward to participating.

scraptraci said...

looking forward to trying to get the 5 memoirs in this year. had best of intentions last year but hopefully this is the year. thanks for hosting

i will track here on my blog

Dreatine said...

Will Do!