Wednesday, November 4, 2020

2021 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

 Another favorite up now too.

JANUARY – End, Princess, Dance, Midnight, Court, Why, Winter, Story: The Glittering Court--Richelle Mead

FEBRUARY – Over, Edge, Rain, Blade, Red, Come, None, Glass: The Edge of Town--Dorothy Garlock

MARCH – Dear, Ink, Mercy, Fly, Lost, Never, Match, True: Dear Justyce--Nic Stone

APRIL – Last, Watch, Save, Girl, Sun, Tell, Garden, Tomorrow: One to Watch--Kate Stayman-London

MAY – Away, Wait, Book, Raven, Lake, Angel, Nine, Island: The Library Book--Susan Orlean

JUNE – Beneath, Crown, Sing, Rule, Earth, Find, Happen, Cruel: The Cider House Rules--John Irving

JULY – Ever, Shine, Gone, Search, Wood, Under, Road, Like: Everybody Fights--Kim and Penn Holderness

AUGUST – One, Secret, Will, Tree, Blue, You, Flame, Thousand: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden--Joanne Greenberg

SEPTEMBER – Country, House, Top, Man, Wild, Sweet, Once, Wake: The Country Guesthouse--Robyn Carr

OCTOBER – Fear, Night, Silent, Wicked, Hidden, Bones, Lied, Ghost: The Silent Girls--Eric Rickstad

NOVEMBER – Again, Loud, Star, Stay, Air, When, Since, Race: Olive, Again--Elizabeth Strout

DECEMBER – Cold, Room, Life, Bell, Kiss, Dream, Until, DrinkNot a Drop to Drink--Mindy McGinnis

Challenge completed on December 11


Elephant's Child said...

Lots of potential here. I note that cold is included in December's prompt. By then we will be in our hottest period of the year and I am going to long for some cold...

Beverley Baird said...

One of my favs as well.