Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Chapter Break Bingo – November 2020

 The card for November is here.

November Bookish Bingo

My Books:

  1. The Color of Magic--Terry Pratchett (5 squares): Shelf Love, Physical Book, Fantasy Novel, Honor Lost or Found, In a Series
  2. Lions at Lunchtime--Mary Pope Osborne (5 squares): Audiobook, Travel/Distance/Space/Time, Quest, Warrior, Family
  3. The Museum of Modern Love--Heather Rose (3 squares): E-Book, Book Club Read, Not in a Series
  4. There, There--Tommy Orange (2 squares): Library Book, Free Space
  5. American Dirt--Jeanine Cummins (1 square): Feast
  6. Lord of Shadows--Cassandra Clare (2 squares): Witch/Warlock, Weapon on the Cover
  7. Twins--Varian Johnson (2 squares): Twins, Pink on Cover
  8. Let's Talk About Love--Claire Kann (1 square): Set in College
  9. Best. Night. Ever--Jen Malone & others (2 squares): Reread, Computer/Phone/Tablet on the Cover
  10. Christmas Cupcake Murder--Joanne Fluke (2 squares): Free Book, Food on Cover
25 squares completed on November 28

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Elephant's Child said...

Have fun. I do love Terry Pratchett's work. The world is sadly diminished without him.