Sunday, November 1, 2020

Halloween Night

As I'd begun to predict, very few kids showed up last night. Even without a pandemic, this always seems to be true on my street. We were wondering if trick-or-treating had been cancelled in our town, like it seemed to be around most of California. But nothing of the sort was said far as I could see. And again, I did not expect many kids to show up.

Not going to parties felt weird, but it was the right thing to do. One good thing about not having such parties was not having to see outfits like these:

Not to mention toilet paper, hand sanitizer, ballots, and other possible 2020-themed costumes. Not in person, anyway. Who's to say if these will turn up on someone's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds, though?

And yesterday afternoon, a Trump rally, and then trunk-or-treat were each held in the parking lot of the shuttered Kmart store. Certainly not following social- distancing protocols. Sadly no Biden rally in my town😕

While taking a drive yesterday afternoon, I saw someone already had Christmas lights hung on their fence. Really? I don't plan on putting up Christmas until December, and today I have to get the Halloween stuff down.

As I said, this has been a Halloween like no other.


Elephant's Child said...

Definitely a Halloween like no other. Our stores have had Christmas decorations up for weeks now. Which I think is WRONG.

Kay said...

No trick or treaters in my neighborhood either. Sam's Club has had huge Christmas displays for weeks now. And they're selling those huge Christmas food basket gifts too. You'd have to store them for two months!

Lady M said...

Trunk or treat is so not socially distanced. At least in my neighborhood, the kids were in small family groups and most all the candy was outside in help yourself or candy slide fashion. So I do not think we spread covid around at all.