Saturday, November 7, 2020

Something Good in an "Amazingly Bad" Year

 This came up on my Facebook memories today:

A year ago, all this likely seemed like something to look forward to. Of course we had no idea what was really going to happen. And Christmas hasn't even occurred this year yet, but the current circumstances don't seem to be getting better just yet. It's been amazingly bad, a friend on Facebook remarked to day. Yes, it has.

This is what we got:

Now it's the last month of JASON, and there's a Friday the 13th this month. The other Friday the 13th this year was in March at the beginning of the pandemic. No one seemed to connect the two, though. I was walking through the grocery store that night, not even giving a thought to the superstitious date occurring during the onset of Coronavirus. And now we have another Friday the 13th in the wake of Halloween and the election. 

This came up on Facebook other day:

I then began to wonder how long this would be going on. Well, today was the end. And I am glad for the results! 


Lady M said...

At least the election is a bright spot in an otherwise dismal year.

Elephant's Child said...

From this side of the world I breathed a deep sigh of relief at your election results.

Kay said...

Oh doggone it! I was writing a comment and it disappeared. I must have hit the wrong button.
I was just saying how relieved I am that we'll have a president who will be encouraging people to listen to the science and wear a mask instead of a truly ignorant leader encouraging his supporters to gather without social distancing or wearing masks. Imagine how much worse it would have been if he continued to spout that message. And yet... will his supporters see reason? Will they take safer measures to not spread the virus? I don't know.