Thursday, April 1, 2021

A: Anxiety, Amazon, Art, Alcohol (Rubbing)

Here it begins! My first-ever participation in Blogging A to Z.

My theme is on life during the pandemic of 2020. 

For Day One, I present:

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter A


Anxiety, Amazon, Art, Alcohol (rubbing kind)

For someone who already has plenty of anxiety, the events of 2020 just added to it. Going to the store and having to carry wipes around, then wiping everything down, and constantly washing my hands. The more information that was given about the coronavirus, the more anxiety I felt. And then came the pandemic declaration--just more anxiety from that. What was I going to do at home all day, every day?

I did a lot of browsing and shopping on Amazon, mostly books since I was temporarily unable to get them from the library. And some ink for my printer. One thing I looked at a lot but didn't buy was a lounge chair. Being stuck at home all the time, this would have been great to have. I would have like to been able to lie down outside to read or just to relax. The wooden folding chair in the driveway is great for sitting outside, but I would like to be able to lie down too. But I just didn't get around to getting one. Too many to decide from, and I wasn't sure where I would keep the chair overnight. But I still think I want to get one before summer sets in. It's probably cheaper this way than in stores. Right now, I'm looking for a car cover and the ones at the nearby auto parts store are more than those on Amazon. Again, too many to choose from. And there was much more I browsed but did not buy on Amazon.

I began to see myself doing more artwork while at home, but did not do as much as I had envisioned. It seems that the lockdown took away some of my creativity, and that it was easier to imagine than to do under the circumstances. I got these done, the art project I was planning for work before quarantine began. And now it's being planned for later in April. A year in the making. 

And it was until just this past month in 2021 that I finally got the paintbrush idea done. I now want to try more of this, with various techniques. 

This past year, I used more rubbing alcohol than I can ever recall. I'm sure the same was true of everyone. It was hard to find at first, as most stores were out of it in the beginning of the pandemic. But soon I was able to find some at Dollar Tree (pictured below) and found myself buying two at a time. We now have several bottles at home and won't have to buy any for a while. I'm honestly not trying to hoard this or anything else. More on (not) hoarding to come 🙂


This concludes Day One. 


  1. Wonderful post and welcome to the A to Z Challenge, I was the first ever to sign up way back in 2010.
    I can relate to the anxiety, the onset of mine was when one of my son's passed away, he lived in Spain and had Cancer, then the pandemic have been evident and it affects us all one way or another whatever age one may be.
    Good luck with the challenge and take care.

  2. Hari Om
    Great start to the alpha month, Jamie! Yes, it has been a time of much angst for many. We have matching themes, so it will be fun to compare notes! YAM xx

  3. There was definitely an over abundance of anxiety last year! I tried to busy myself with art and reading, but I just couldn't concentrate on anything besides the news. Enjoy the A- to Z Challenge. I'll done it several times over the years. This year my theme is Life in Florida.

  4. Visiting from April A-Z! Our daughter has anxiety, too, and you are correct. This pandemic has been tough on those with anxiety! Do you know that at one point, I paid almost $5 for a bottle of alcohol like the ones you bought at the dollar store!! I've tried not to hoard things either but sometimes I want to buy all of the paper towels, toilet paper, Clorox wipes, and alcohol I can find. I've also shopped a LOT on Amazon this past year. I've bought everything I couldn't find in the store in addition to books for my kindle. I've bought gifts from Amazon. I've even purchased some food items.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    I prefer the drinking kind to the rubbing kind ;)

  6. Love your beginning to the challenge - which I am sure speaks to and for many of us.

  7. Did all the handwashing help? I didn't go overboard with handwashing and stayed healthy. These are crazy times.

  8. I've been lucky during the pandemic in that I have had four family members with me for the duration. Plus having the excuse not to drive my family to different places several times a week has allowed me to catch up with some work. I did not retire in time and am so behind; I don't know if I will ever catch up and at the present don't know if I really need to catch up.

    I like your art. I find my creativity ebbs and flows. I look forward to reading your posts this year. Ann

  9. Jamie,

    The Coronavirus did not change the way we sanitized or washed our hands. We have always been proactive at keeping our hands as germ free as possible. A general practice we started decades ago when shopping is to do everything with one hand in order to have a clean hand to answer the phone or to unlock the car door. We have always refrained from bringing dirty hands to our face or touching anything. Once we get to the car, load our bags into the truck then we can clean our hand thoroughly. The only thing the pandemic has introduced is the use of face masks but do we really need them especially if you're vigil about what's going on area you? Common sense dictates or should anyhow for you to stay away from those showing signs of illness and definitely walk a mile around someone who's coughing or sneezing. The only use I can image a mask is good for is walking through an area where someone might have coughed or sneeze that you don't know about but I still question it.

    Being at home practically all the time isn't new to me as that's where I've been for the past 33 years as a SAHM(W). Little changed in my daily activity, except now DH works from home and what I initially was unsure how well this work out has actually turned into a blessing. I absolutely love having him here with me. He's not only my husband but my best friend. I hope you're able to combat your anxieties and not let any of this get the better of you. It's a storm that will pass in time, meanwhile find joy in the now.

    Thanks for visiting and checking out my Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch for day 1 of ACME Mail Order Catalog on Curious as a Cathy. Happy A2Zing, my friend!

  10. It's been a difficult time for a great many of us. My own days are spent indoors with the doggos, writing, or rather procrastinating and taking them out for piddles and poopies. I don't go far as back and hip issues, plus stents and underlying immune issues. When we have been able to go places it's been kinda scary. Well done on your first post.