Thursday, November 29, 2018

2019 Reading Challenges: World at War Reading Challenge

Going to try this challenge now. It's an interesting topic. I will get as many books as possible. Links to suggestions are at the blog post (link below).

World At War Reading Challenge
Host: Becky's Book Reviews
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Duration: January - December 2019
Goal: Get at least one bingo! (more are welcome, of course!)
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The rules:

  • Books, audio-books, e-books--all qualify
  • Books for any age group qualify--children's books/middle grade, young adult, adult
  • Rereads are allowed
  • Reviews are not required but if you do get the chance to review, please leave a link! 
  • You can create a reading list if you want, but it's not a requirement 
  • If you do make a list, consider adding a list of five books you'd recommend to others
  • "Nonfiction" includes biography, autobiography, memoirs, diaries, letters, etc. Also "general" nonfiction--focus on a subject instead of one individual. For the 1920s and 1930s, you might for example read about the Depression, FDR, the Dust Bowl, Prohibition, jazz, harlem renaissance, early film-making, organized crime, Scopes Trial, Hindenburg, 1936 Olympics, etc. Any subject will do essentially.
  • Fiction can be "general" fiction, or, from a genre. For example, the "any book published..." could be fiction or nonfiction for any age group and from any genre. And fiction set during the specified times could be historical fiction, historical romance, historical mystery, historical fantasy, historical science fiction. For example, Connie Willis has two books where characters from the future time-travel back to World War II. These would qualify. 

The categories:

_ Any book published 1914-1918
X Any book published 1918-1924: The Mysterious Affair at Styles--Agatha Christie
_ Any book published 1925-1930
X Any book published 1931-1938: Our Town--Thornton Wilder
X Any book published 1939-1945: The Saturdays--Elizabeth Enright
X A nonfiction book about World War I: World War I--Adriane Ruggerio
X A nonfiction book about 1910s and 20s: Gangsters & Gold Diggers--Jerome Charyn
X A nonfiction book about 1920s and 30s: Who Was Walt Disney?--Whitney Stewart
X A nonfiction book about 1930s: 1930s: From the Great Depression to the Wizard of Oz-Stephen Feinstein
X A nonfiction book about World War II: The Zookeeper's Wife--Diane Ackerman
X A fiction book set during World War I: A Cup of Tea--Amy Ephron
_ A fiction book set 1918-1924
X A fiction book set in the 1920s: Cat Running--Zilpha Keatley Snyder
X A fiction book set in the 1930s: White Houses--Amy Bloom
X A fiction book set during World War II: Journey to Topaz--Yoshiki Uchida
_ A book set in the United States or Canada
X A book set in England, Ireland, or Scotland: The Night Watch--Sarah Waters
X A book set in Europe: I Have Lived a Thousand Years--Livia Bitton-Jackson
_ A book set in Asia or Middle East
X A book set elsewhere (a country/continent not already read for the challenge): Between Shades of Gray--Ruta Sepetys
_ A book focused on "the war"
_ A book focused on "the homefront"
_ Watch any movie released in 1940s 
_ Watch any movie released in the 1930s
X Watch any movie about either war: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 

Calling challenge complete on October 17

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