Tuesday, November 27, 2018

No Christmas Decorations Up Yet

And I'm not sure when they'll get up. I've tried for many not to have any up until after Thanksgiving, and with me decorations don't get so elaborate.

Again, I don't yet know when any decorations will go up in my house. some people on my street already have the inflatable Santas and snowmen and reindeers on their lawns, as well as the lights hanging under the roof. 

One year there was no tree at all in my house, but I still felt in the spirit. One can feel that way without getting elaborate with decorations.

At work, we are planning to get a tree up as soon as we can. And next week, I will be doing the paper-cup Christmas bells. Getting excited!


  1. It's always the 1st of December for us. It's a ritual for the kids, and they love it, so I don't have any choice!

  2. Our tree is up. The outdoor decorations aren't.
    Love the bells:)