Monday, November 19, 2018

2019 Victorian Reading Challenge

I will be doing this one again. This time there are several options, and I will be choosing the checklist.

Victorian Reading Challenge
Host: Becky's Book Reviews
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Duration: January - December 2019
Goal: Read a minimum of 4 Victorian books

Option B: Checklist [Feel free to copy/paste this. You can replace the _ with an X or a ✔ (copy/paste it) when you finish reading a book. If you list the books you read, that may help other people decide what to read.]

  1. _ book that was originally published serially
  2. _ book published between 1837-1840
  3. _ book published between 1841-1850
  4. X book published between 1851-1860: Ruth--Elizabeth Haskell
  5. _ book published between 1861-1870
  6. _ book published between 1871-1880
  7. X book published between 1881-1890: The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde--Robert Louis Stevenson
  8. X book published between 1891-1901: The Diary of a Nobody--George Grossmith
  9. _ a book of poems
  10. X a book of short stories: Cavalleria Rusticana and Other Stories--Giovanni Verga
  11. _ a play
  12. X a children's book: Jo's Boys--Louisa May Alcott
  13. _  place name in the title
  14. _ a character name in the title
  15. _ a color in the title
  16. _ a number in the title
  17. X  A book published between 1902-1999 with a Victorian setting: Interview With the Vampire--Anne Rice
  18. X A book published between 2000-2019 with a Victorian setting: Blameless--Gail Carriger
  19. X nonfiction book about the Victorian era: Clothes and Crafts in Victorian Times--Philip Steele
  20. _ nonfiction book about Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, or their children

Challenge completed on December 14

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