Friday, November 16, 2018

Less Than a Week Till Thanksgiving

What do you plan to do for Thanksgiving? It seems every year the holiday gets ignored, according the the media. There doesn't appear to be many Thanksgiving decorations in stores. But do people really decorate for the holiday? Some maybe. I happened to spot two blow-up turkeys on the lawns near my friend's house as I was driving her home from our writers' lab (it got cancelled this week, BTW). These same two lawns had been decorated by blow-up pumpkins last month. I now expect to see blow-up Santas, snowmen or reindeer on these lawns come December. But doesn't everyone expect that?

But I don't see too many of the inflatable turkeys, certainly not as many as I see of pumpkins or Santa. However, upon finding this craft project, I asked if we could do it for art class this month. It will be for this coming week.

Now that seems like a great way to celebrate the holiday. And today is our potluck for Thanksgiving. We decided to have it today, since the holiday is next week and we will be closed then. Also, my boss suspected many people would be gone next week, so we chose not to have it the day before. I made butterscotch haystacks for the party (I had seen there recipe on the bag of butterscotch chips). I didn't get around to taking any pictures, sorry.

Last year I had wanted to make these paper-cup bells for our class, but didn't get around to doing them (long story). So now I want to do them this year, and decided to wait until December. It was on the same site that I found the turkey project and decided it would be fun. Now those who make one can out it on their tables or something at home. And I look forward to both crafts in the coming months.

And I won't even get started on the day after Thanksgiving, suffice it say I won't be heading to Target or Kmart at 4AM, let alone won't be waiting in line around the store, trying to be first. 

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