Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Halloween Like No Other

No house parties or bar celebration this year. Only a small work celebration without bringing food for a potluck. Now as the day goes by, I'm still wondering if any kids will try to come. If so, my mom and I have something planned to give out candy. I certainly won't do this:

Because I wasn't sure I'd be celebrating, I didn't think about possible costumes for this year. Sometimes I begin thinking about this as early as August or September, but I this year got a feeling about what would happen for Halloween this year, and that feeling was true. So no ideas came to me, even as I looked on costume websites. And I had no interest in wearing anything related to 2020, such as toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Then it occurred to me to redo something form a previous year, since I and some left in a drawer. As I said on Wednesday, I redid my Tropical Depression costume for the work celebration. I was considering doing it again tonight, but I had been torn between doing that one yet and and another I still had. This one was actually from a 60s party we had at work in 2018. I pulled it out for today. I took the pictures below, and will put it on again tonight. This dress easily slides over my clothes.

This came up on my Facebook memories today:

This was in reference to the 2016 election. This year, there are only three days between Halloween and the election. Even more scary!

And even more scary is that Daylight Saving Time ends tonight. I always get messed up when the time change begins. And so do our cats. 

Even if though I have to stay home tonight, I can still wear the costume because it's fun and we got to have fun one way or another, even when homebound. And there is a new Saturday Night Live on tonight. That's something to do tonight. 

I miss being able to walk around and take pictures of neighbors' Halloween decorations this year or to see others wearing costumes at stores this year. And going to the bar. Things I hope will be back for next year.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope things will be back next year too.
We very rarely get many trick or treaters and last night we got none. A very rainy day probably contributed to that though.
2020 has been a horror show hasn't it? The world over.

Linda said...

Halloween was cancelled here in California and I suppose that is appropriate but still sad. I bought no candy since I would end up eating it or, worse yet, my diabetic partner would find the stash. Ah well, there is always next year.

Kay said...

The mayor advised everyone not to trick or treat this year.
Daylight Savings always mixes me up because we live in Hawaii that does not change and my kids live in Maryland and Illinois that do.