Friday, October 23, 2020

Christmas in Stores Before Halloween

One thing I don't miss about not being able to visit stores much during the pandemic  except when needed is seeing Christmas stuff already in stores. Dollar Tree, for one, has already put out Christmas, shoving Halloween items (which they put out in July!) to the back walls. On my most recent trip to Target, I noticed a lot of Halloween costumes, but am not sure if I saw any Christmas stuff yet. I may have not been consciously looking, and I'm glad if I wasn't doing so🙂 

It seems inevitable that customers will start mixing up Halloween and Christmas decorations on shelves. As someone who once worked in retail, this is nothing unusual to see. Once at our now-defunct Kmart I saw this happen (see photo below)  and this was in September! And on a side note, this is one thing I will miss about Kmart. Their Halloween selection was always so much bigger and better than that at Target.

This had to have been done by a customer. Same
for the one below.

The picture above reminded me of working at Home Goods. The items in this photo look like the holiday stuff we would get when I worked there. And the Christmas stuff would arrive as early as September. I always wondered why, though it was inevitable. And it can now be expected in any stores. 

Even though Christmas is already out, I'm certainly not thinking about it just yet. Not to mention Thanksgiving, which people say stores forget about. Not too many decorations for Thanksgiving seem to appear in stores like Target and Dollar Tree, but do people really decorate for that holiday? It seems like the grocery stores make make more money off Thanksgiving, but more on that another time. I'd been hesitant about even decorating for Halloween this year because of the pandemic, but went through with it anyway. I am now certain I will pull out one of my saved costumes just for the fun of it. I still want to have some fun even if parties are out this year. 


Elephant's Child said...

Christmas stuff has been in our stores for weeks now. I suspect Easter treats will appear before the New Year. Sigh.

Lady M said...

I just decorate spooky for all holidays and that simplifies things considerably.