Saturday, October 3, 2020

Memoir Reading Challenge 2021

It's back, once again using a checklist. Some categories have been changed, however. To participate, you must read a minimum of five memoirs from any of the categories listed. One book can only count for one category. Re-reads are acceptable. You do not need a blog to participate. All book formats count. 

Other Rules:

  • Books must be read on or after January 1, 2021 to count.
  • Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2021.
  • Books may cross over to other challenges in which you are participating. 
  • Books must be labeled as memoirs to count. 
  • You do not need a blog to sign up.  You may keep tract of your progress on Goodreads, Amazon or other similar sites with a shelf dedicated to this challenge.  Or sign up on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Here are the categories:

  1. X Mental Illness Memoir: Furiously Happy--Jenny Lawson
  2. _ Other Illness Memoir
  3. X Political Memoir: The Truths We Hold--Kamala Harris
  4. X Food Memoir: From Scratch--Tembi Locke
  5. _ Animal Memoir
  6. _ Music Memoir
  7. X Travel Memoir: The Hare With Amber Eyes--Edmund De Waal
  8. X Written by a person of color: Assata: An Autobiography--Assata Shakur
  9. _ Written by a woman
  10. X Written by a person who identifies as LGBTQIA: Untamed--Glennon Doyle
  11. _ Written by an actor or a comedian
  12. X Written by an author or journalist: Thirteen Senses--Victor Villaseñor
  13. _ Written by any other celebrity
  14. _ Written by someone under 40
  15. _ Written by someone over 40
  16. _ Written by someone from a country different from your own
  17. X One you find thought-provoking: Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place--Charisse Tyson (reread)
  18. X Made into a movie: Beautiful Boy--David Sheff 
  19. X Graphic Novel memoir: Lost Soul, Be At Peace--Maggie Thrash
  20. _ Bestselling memoir
  21. _ Humorous memoir
  22. X Fictional memoir: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend--Matthew Dicks
  23. _ Won an Award
  24. _ Published in 2021
  25. _ Published in 2020 or earlier
  26. X Under 300 pages: Girls Like Us--Rachel Lloyd
  27. _ Over 300 pages
  28. X One you want to re-read:Bitch--Elizabeth Wurtzel 
  29. _ On a favorite subject
  30. _ By a favorite celebrity
  31. X Free choice: Sister Outsider--Audre Lorde
  32. _ Free choice
  33. _ Free choice


  1. I completed this year's so will definitely take part in next year's

  2. I adore memoirs and read them often.

  3. I signed up for this in 2019 but didn't read anything. The books I selected last year are still sitting on my bookshelf so I plan on trying the challenge next year.

  4. looking forward to reading even more memoirs in 2021 didn't quite make goal in 2020 but still have lots of new choices for 21