Friday, October 30, 2020

Even More Humor for Halloween and for the Election



  1. These are cute. I have felt that one with the no peanuts, no gluten, no gmo's! i was mortified when my candy all had peanuts. You can tell I don't have children, it just didn't cross my mind. I had full size bars of snickers and reese cups. When a little boy cried because I had nothing peanut free I felt awful. I never did that again!!! I did have a peppermint patty in my freezer for me but I ran in the house and gave it to him after he began to cry. I guess he had gone to so many houses his big brother said and no one had peanut free food. Poor kid. I felt almost as badly as he did.

  2. Some gems here.
    I wonder whether we will get any trick or treaters tonight (which is the 31st here). We rarely get many and rain is predicted for the entire day...

  3. All of these are such fun - I love the length of that candy slide! Mine is not so impressive.